Basic concept

  • creation of documentation of advertising campaigns for partners for any kind of event
  • suitable for football matches, theatre premieres, conferences for clients, etc.
  • documentation ready in several minutes
  • easy system administration based on the principle of a single administrator and several executors
  • access from anywhere with an internet connection; no software required

Mobile application

  • simplifies work with Eventina
  • easy photo documentation in the app
  • instant inclusion of material in the event
  • eliminates the need for double work with photos (taking the photos then assigning them via the web)


project assignment incl. task assignment

assigning tasks to specific employees

documentation from the field using simple mobile application

verification and addition of remaining project data

report generation and distribution

Simple campain management

Správa kampaní

Project assignment incl. task assignment

Definice lokací akce

Assigning tasks to specific employees

Přiřazení úkolů pracovníkům

Verification and addition of remaining project data

Kontrola a doplnění údajů